Cause: This pathology has been associated to long and repetitive performances of the ballet Giselle. Most of the etiology is unknown but new hypothesis suggest that being exposed to repeated mad scenes might be a determining factor. This disease exclusively seen with female patients. Although not a proven theory, repeated exposure to lilies and rosemary may be a secondary factor.

Symptoms: The dancer reports mood swings and murderous thoughts directed towards men. Several reports of attempts to kill men by making them dance to exhaustion has been seen. Patients are known to “freeze up” in poses with crossed hands above the chest for longer periods, only rarely moving their heads from one side to another. In some severe cases, they are known to suddenly start to perform repetitive series of entrechat quatres.

Cure: Increased intake of beer. It is seen that while the female dancers are performing the ballets second act, the male troupe gathers in theater bars and changing-rooms to consume beer and talk about football. This is believed to be treating them from their exposure to RWd, and the reason why doctors are still to see a male patient suffering this disease.

A severely affected patient of the Revenging Wili disorder..

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