Michael Stipa and Nikola Márová in Giselle ©Tamara Cerna, all rights reseved

The other day we were dancing in Giselle, one of, if not the most famous classical ballet of them all. I was thinking that these stories we are performing again and again are not only quite good – you might not know them. If you haven’t seen the ballet, I doubt you know the story of how Giselle was betrayed by her lover and ended up with the mean Willies. So I got this idea: In a new set of posts, I’ll tell you some nighttime-stories: The plots of the most famous ballets, Tights and Tiaras-style.

Bedtime stories

Hover your mouse over the “Columns” box in the navigation menu on top of the page! See the new part where is says “Bedtime Stories”? That’s where you would want to check back for new plots of the ballets, told in a way you understand (I know, all that pantomime is so1896).

Hope to see you again soon on Tights and Tiaras!

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