Juicy post today, folks! Let’s talk about the little under. The stuff the audience don’t see. Let’s talk underwear!


Although a ballerina in her underwear would be way more interesting, theres no such pictures on the decent part of the web. So I guess we’ll have to do with some lads in dance-belts…

First of all, make sure you have read my post on Dance-belts. It is the basic undergarment for almost any male dancer. On the ladies side, it is a little more varied; Most girls I know usually use a thong under their leotards for training, and equal underwear for performances. This is first and foremost for the same reason why the men’s dance-belt also has a thong-shape: It doesn’t show.

Depending on fashion and habits (I find this to be an American thing, correct me if I’m wrong), some girls tends to use nothing at all under their leotards. Some leotards also have enhanced padding in the crouch for this very reason.

On the upper-body, men – obviously – is in no need of undergarments. Some dancers, myself included, use shorts or tights that has straps over the shoulders, but this is really just to keep the tights up – sagging tights is straight out terrible!

Again, the ladies department is much more exiting. That said, most ballerinas don’t use bra’s. For several reasons. First of all, they are usually slim beings, often meaning with a smaller bust. Most female leotards also has extra padding for support around the bust, usually providing enough support. More on different types of leotards here. Some ballerinas might use a sports bra for extra support on rehearsals. Some also take a pair of tights, cuts a hole in the crouch for the head, and use them as some sort of tight sweater. This also provides some extra support.

Although doubtfully a ballerina, we’ll just put up a picture here of a smashing girl in her underwear – I mean, it’s relatively relevant, and should get us some hits as well icon_smile-3710248

On performances, on the other hand, all these solutions are tabu! A bra line is just not something you want to see on stage – can you imagine a beautiful swan, gracious and beautiful – with her bra-straps hanging out from underneath her feathers?

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