Merry Christmas to you all!

I’d like to take this moment, christmas morning, to thank everyone that has visited Tights and Tiaras since our beginning in january this year. It’s been fun, I  have enjoyed it a lot, and sure, there has been some swearing too!

I wish you all a merry, peaceful christmas with loved ones. Remember, Christmas is the finest time of the year for many, but it is also the loneliest for some. I would like to encourage you all to include the people around you in your christmas-celebration this year. A smile in the street, a small present to someone that needs it, small tokens of the joy that is Christmas, regardless of religion and other factors. Lets be nice with each others this Christmas. Or like my man John Lennon said it: Happy Christmas – war is over!

If you are celebrating, Merry Christmas from Tights and Tiaras! And a happy, friendly end to 2010 to all our readers – thank you so much for the support!  Enjoy the peaceful days – and don’t forget to vote for T’n’T from next monday icon_smile-4597386