Cause: The Disappointed Dancer disease is caused by the dancer being unable to either:

  • A: (perfectly) perform certain elements in the ballet-technique. The pirouette is specially frequent.
  • B: Maintain a weight-ideal that can be far beyond healthy (read our 5 ways to keep that weight)
  • C: get a certain role or part in a performance, sometimes connected with point A

All dancers are familiar with this disease to a certain extent.

This looks like a classic example of DDd.

Symptoms: Lack of motivation and anger. The patient may, or may not show visual symptoms to the world, depending on personality. The disease is also known to have positive side-effects, like increased training and self-awareness, but may also cause trouble  with the dancers self-confidence.

Cure: DDd is a hard disease to cure, as the dancer needs to do most of the work him/herself. Apart from well-guided training and advise on the actual element, good friends and helping colleagues are the main helping factors. Dancers who possess at least one of these factors are known to easier face and defeat the DDd.

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