Are you on Twitter?

Twitter is a social network based around the idea to “tweet”, which is to communicate something to the world in 142 signs or less. You can follow other accounts’ tweets as you wish, and it’s all real-time, making it a great tool for sharing links, news, ideas or just simply chat! To angle your tweets towards a person in particular, you add an @ sign and the persons nickname in the tweet (a tweet to me would be @Tightsandtiaras), and to keep up with conversations between many people, one usually agrees on a hashtag to follow, for example #NBAPlayoff. Any tweets that has the word in it shows up when you “search” for the phrase.

I wrote a post about the way Twitter revolutionized the way I hear about and keep updated on dance happenings all over the world. This was a year ago. Since then, I’ve been tweeting daily, and it’s become my number one resource for dance news on the web. If you are not yet on Twitter, I dare you to check it out. You’ll think it’s silly for a week. Another week, and you won’t be able to stop tweeting icon_smile-3703019

Anyway, in the occasion of my 25th birthday, some of the people I tweet with regularly got together and created the #HenrikTurns25 hashtag. I decided to have a virtual birthday-party, and asked anyone who wanted to join to post a picture of themselves. Based on an incident I tweeted about last weekend, where I almost got in trouble in a bar just for wearing red pants, I invited everyone to wear something red for the occasion. I started off the party by posting a picture of myself and my legendary, red trousers.

As time passed, more and more people made their appearance in the party! @Eightiesfan got a head start with this tweet, posting what appear to be a very nice pair of red trousers in a split, perhaps?

@Eightiesfan Arrives the party in a split

the cake

Word on the birthday party spread around the twittersphere, and more people started planning their attire for this funny event. @Naomip86 brought cake for the occasion, but were to make her very classy appearance at the party a while later.

The account knows as @FakePMartins, a fake account for the great dancer and choreographer Peter Martins, were quick to join in, with a picture wearing red tights for the party, onstage! Someone later applied that there was photoshop involved, and the biggest controversy of the party so far was a fact

@FakePMartins is wearing red tights on stage for the party!

The wonderful ladies behind @TheBalletBag tweeted they don’t have any red pants, but they happened to be fabulously dressed up in Gala-wear, a suitable attire for the birthday-party. With a red belt to top it off they arrived the party in an imaginary limousine

Dressed to impress! @TheBalletBag ladies, fabulous as always

As mentioned earlier, @Naomip86 dropped off cake at the party, but were soon to make her entrée in person with this tweet – taking up the competition with the bag-ladies for best dress of the night. The discussion is still ongoing, it will seem they are equally fabulous icon_wink-1743974

Kampai! @Naomip86 arrives the party in a pretty red dress

Allison Shames aka @Balletgirl96 followed up by joining the party in full costume, and she is escorted by a very well-dressed gentleman, who turns out to be no less than Lee McLernon, or @Bangorballetboy. In his party-tweet, he merely hints at his party attire, revealing some pretty sweet cufflinks over a red and black tie. Classy!!!

@Balletgirl96 looking good in full costume

@Bangorballetboy is showing some explicit taste



As the party goes on, Denise, the wonderful @Dance_reader arrives, in beautiful red heels for the occasion. She is even risking to get thrown out the playground, all to celebrate my virtual birthday. Amazing!

Classy red heels for the occasion

Red footwear appeared to be a big thing in this party, as both @theadultbeginner and @balletteachers followed Denise in her choice of red garment to wear to the party – footwear! Is there be some connection to a certain movie, I wonder?

@theadultbeginner arrives in her red hoho-socks

@Balletteachers in comfortable fitted red Crocks

As the night gets older, more people join the growing party. @RLCsurf is asking for permission to  join in a red sweater, which of course is fine, while @NOTaliePortman wonders how high percentage of the cake-eating I am planning to do myself, and whether I have a cake-eating stand in. I assure her there is no such thing in my twitter-party.

Johanna from @PointeTilUdrop says her eyes are matching red from tiredness, and retires after a long day. Estelle Hall, known on Twitter as @SheffieldDancer joins us from the interval of the Ballet Trockaderos – and I think we get a glimpse of some red tights there?! Finally Lorry, the one and only @Bead_109 and Ana, @LadyCharmed shows up both wearing red, and the party is complete! Such a fine gathering of tweeps, all to celebrate my 25th birthday! I’m honored you showed up, and I had a great time, too! A sincere thank you to all of you!

RLCsurf in his red sweater for the occasion, and with a little fella’ in the tree, too! icon_smile-3703019

@SheffieldDancer in the intermission of the Trocks performance – I believe they had a good time! icon_smile-3703019

The one and only Lorry joins the party in her red sweater, and man, was I glad to see her come!!



Finally, Ana Rockov, or @LadyCharmed joins, and she is ready to party! Looking great in awesome red trousers!

A great birthday party it was! Thank you all for attending, and making my day memorable!!!