twitter_logo-4306615You don’t like twitter, you say? You don’t get the point of sending sms-like messages out on the WWW about whatever you want? Until recently, this was my strong opinion as well. I thought twitter was just another place to see what famous people ate for lunch, or what all the worlds Jane and Joe’s are doing at this very moment. I had checked it out a little, but didn’t really know how to use it. I really started using Twitter more often only to promote Tights and Tiaras. That’s about 4 weeks ago. Today, I’m checking twitter more often than my email. It has become a live feed on anything that is happening in the world of dance and ballet, connecting me with famous dancers, dance companies and theaters, and a whole bunch of people with a connection to this great art of ours. It may be a small corner of the Twitter-universe, but the ballet-world on twitter is flourishing!

The trick is to follow a couple of sources that is interested in some of the topics you are. Make a search on a keyword, and off you go. Read some messages (or “tweets”, as they are called), and start following people. You’ll be hooked in no-time!

I’ll give you a free start on some Tweeters to follow if you are into ballet and dance. And don’t forget to follow me; @Tightsandtiaras

Check out:

@4dancers – writer of the site. Lot’s of updates and great resources, interviews, links and reviews.

@Balletformen – David from Specially a resource on male dancing.

If you follow these two, and add the people behind the website – @balletco, the folks over at – @theBalletbag, and the people at – @danceadvantage, you have a great base for loads of information on dance and ballet, everyday.

Now, start following on your own. Add your favorite dancers and companies – there are a bunch of them out there – and your twitter account will be your main source of information before you know it! I follow a bunch of dancers and companies out there, some of them are

@daniil – Daniil Simkin, soloist at American Ballet Theatre

@ashleybouder – Ashley Bouder, principle with the New York City Ballet

@Chrismcdanciel08 – Christopher McDaniel, dancer at Harlem Ballet

@EVANMcKIE – Evan McKie, Principle at the Stuttgart Ballet

@KMorganNYCB Kathryn Morgan, the young soloist at New York City Ballet

Check out the Twitter-party held in the occasion of my 25th birthday on this post: #Henrikturns25 – the party

Enjoy your new Twitter experience! You can thank me later icon_smile-1618222 Untill next time..