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The “Lifting Weights” Bumper-Sticker $5


The “Lifting Weights” Bumper Sticker – 15 x 10 cm (approx 6 x 4 inches)

Behold, a cool bumper-sticker with a kick-ass message to show the world you support dance, men dancing, or just lifting girls in general. How cool would it be to arrive ballet class with one of these on your bumper? Or put it on your drinking-bottle. Or your computer?!

The Lifting Weights sticker is printed on top-quality plastic paper, and is both water and UV resistant. It will look as cool years from now, even when put on a car or other outside surfaces. Just make sure to put it on a dry and clean surface, and you are all set.

Purchase two or more of the “Lifting Weights” sticker, I’ll throw in a “T&T Logo” sticker and a “T&T header” sticker too, free of charge!

The “T&T logo” Sticker $4


The “Logo” Sticker with the Tights and Tiaras logo. Measures 7 x 7 cm (approx 2,7 x 2,7 inches)

Show your support of Tights and Tiaras with this nice T&T logo-sticker. Printed on top-quality plastic paper, it is as durable as the “Lifting Weights” sticker, ready to serve on any dry and clean surface, outside or inside. Come rain or shine, the Tights and Tiaras logo prevails!


You all know the header – now put it anywhere

For as long as the supplies lasts, I’ll throw in another Tights and Tiaras merchandize sticker with any purchased sticker, free of charge. The T&T Header sticker is printed on the same top-quality plastic paper as the others.  Show your support of Tights and Tiaras by putting our header on your favorite pencil box, drinking mug or car bumper.

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For those of you looking for the Tights and Tiaras T-shirt, Check this out


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