Tights and Tiaras rely solely on the word of mouth to reach new readers. There is no budget or company behind the blog, only me, a male dancer, without the funds to pay for advertisements campaigns and the like..


Scream it out, tell all your friends about Tights and Tiaras

So if you like what you read on the blog, why don’t you tell someone? I’d really appreciate it! I’ve listed a couple of ways you can help Tights and Tiaras reach a new audience, and don’t worry: They don’t cost you money, and it’s done in seconds. Thank you all for the help!

Blog about Tights and Tiaras! If you have a blog, or another form of internet page, write a review about us, or simply just put up a link to T’n’T on your page

Tweet us! Twitter is great for spreading the word on pages on the internet, because those who read your tweets are already on a computer, on the net, only one click away. Tweet a post you liked by pressing the button on top of every post, or mention us by our Twitter-name, @TightsAndTiaras

Facebook us! Mention the blog to your facebook-friends. Many people have huge networks on facebook (and other social networks), and if you allow your posts to be seen by friends of friends as well, the numbers are even bigger. One mention of Tights and Tiaras is done in a second, but may be seen by thousands of friends.

Talk about us! Let’s not forget the good-old face to face communication. Do you have any friends or family that you think may enjoy the blog? Tell them about it.

If you want to help Tights and Tiaras financially, there is an option to donate an amount of your choosing by clicking the button below. The money will be spent to further develop Tights and Tiaras, and will be truly appreciated. All donators will receive a special copy of the e-book Ballet CRASH written by Henrik Lamark, with a personal thank you introduction note.

If you feel like helping out, but don’t want to make a donation, I’ve made some posters promoting the site. If you could hang those in your school, ballet studio or working place, it would be an enormous help! Drop me a line on email if you feel like contributing in this way, or just download the posters (17mb). Let me know that you put them up, and I’ll thank you on this page!

Thank you for all the support so far, and thanks for helping out!! If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or reprimands, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m happy for all kinds of feedback, and won’t bite unless you are very mean (or tasty?! icon_smile-8497603 )

Until next time…