Ladies and Gentlemen, Ballerinas and Ballerin-os (?!): The waiting is over. As of today, it is officially here, The Tights and Tiaras merchandize above all others,


Thats right! I’m wearing the TNT-T for the first time! Excuse me if I’m being a bit over-enthusiastic icon_wink-2026194

The Tights and Tiaras T-shirt!!!

The amount of shirts from the first press is limited, so here’s what I’m going to do. If you want a Tights and Tiaras T-shirt, you can order it by filling out the form below. Upon receiving your order, I will make an invoice and send to the added e-mail. Once I receive your payment to that invoice (you can pay with any major credit card, or a PayPal account if you have one), the shirt goes in the mail, and you’ll be wearing the awesomest ballet t-shirt ever in no-time.

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The price of the shirt is $24, and I charge $6 for shipping of one shirt to anywhere in the world. If you buy two or more shirts, the shipping will be rendered accordingly, increasing only with a few dollars per shirt.

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Ordering form

Sizing information:
shirts are 100% cotton, and has a casual fit similar to most t-shirt brands. They are not slim-fit, nor is there a figure cut version. The shirt is cut straight, no V or A shape.

The shirt is available in the following sizes: A children size (142) and the adult sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.
The Children size equals the European size ’142′, suitable for children approximately 8 – 12 years. The adult small shirt is a tad bigger, and is suitable for smaller adults or bigger children. However, my girlfriend (who is a ballerina, and as you can imagine, quite slim) is usually a XS, the Children sized shirt fitted her like it was tailored. So if you are very petite, and normal S sized clothes tend to be too baggy, go with the children sized shirt. The difference in length between the two is small.

The other sizes are more or less what you would expect. On the top scale of the sizing, the XL and XXL sizes differs little in length, but some in width, to assure a loose and comfortable fit for any sized people.

The shirt is available only in Black (at least for now… icon_razz-8182006 ) with red and white print.

Security note
To keep the shirts as cheap as possible, there is no third party involved in this – I get the shirts from the printer, take the order, and mail you your shirt myself. This way, there is no handling fee, no middle man that wants his cut, in fact, there’s no fees at all. The only third party involved is PayPal, who we use for a safe and secure way to transfer money. You pay for the shirt(s) and the shipping, and I run to the post-office and ship it to you. All this is to provide you with the best offer, and no additional charges.

PayPal is the most popular means of payment online, used by millions of businesses online (like e-bay, for instance) for a safe, secure and clean transfer of money. If you want to read more about your safety paying through PayPal, read here.

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