Summer is definitely over, the season is creeping up on us, and dancers all over the world – who have been comfortably lying on the lazy side for a month – is facing one of the hardest couple of weeks in the season: getting back in shape.


Before… (oh, those sweet times).

Although I’m sure that there are many different methods of getting back in shape, and I’m equally sure some of them are both more effective and less painful than what I’m about to suggest, my way is, if nothing else, a way of getting back in shape that works, and at the same time, a reminder to yourself, a little smack on the fingers to remember to do your tendues also in the summer, next time.

So, to get to the point here, my way of getting ready for the performances, school year, auditions or whatever may await you in the fall, is the hard one. The no-mercy one. I’m talking cold turkey – you just have to start. Strengthening, stretching, technical training, class – I just do it all! Of course, one should pay attention to the signs the body gives you, and not do anything that may hurt you, or be just straight-out stupid, like starting the training after a whole summer on your ass, with split-jumps or something like that.

Bottom line is, don’t be lazy. Just decide to get back into your daily routines, and just go for it. A common mistake people do is to build a softer “restitution-program” to get back into shape in a more human way, ending up with working less, and taking longer to get back on track and ready for those big premieres.

After (lots of pain and hours)

Looking forward to keep communicating with you guys now that falls coming up!
Until next time,