Today I’m 25 years old. That’s right, I’m getting older. I never made a big fuzz around my birthday, but honestly, 25 is a bit scary. Seems like such a number, you know? Anyway, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that number. So I figured, in the occasion, I’ll post a couple of other numbers I’m way more proud of! I give you: Tights and Tiaras in numbers.

1 author

2nd year online.

7 ballets covered so far in our Bedtime Stories column

8 highest number of consequent pirouettes I ever performed

9 columns at T&T

51 number of words in the shortest post ever on Tights and Tiaras

208 subscribers to the T&T newsletter

291 lines of code on our main page

578 people likes our page on Facebook

681 Twitter followers

1659 total number of approved comments on Tights and Tiaras (spam total succeeds 18k…)

And about 10 000 visitors to the site each month. How ’bout that?!

Oh yeah, and I’m throwing a Twitpic birthday-party, for those of you with a twitter-account!! Check out the hashtag #Henrikturns25, or just join the party: Throw in a twitpic of yourself (or someone else?!), preferably in red pants (long story).

Red pants baby!