Cause: Excessive performing of the ballet the Nutcracker.

Symptoms: Long lasting tiredness and fatigue, the patient may have empty eyes over long periods, may loose track of reality, and think he or she is off fighting giant, evil mice in Sugar-plum land. Disease considered to have long-lasting effects as even after months, cured patients still report light shivering and nausea when exposed to certain Tchaikovsky-tunes.

Cure: Christmas vacation is known to drastically reduce the length of the dancers suffering. The dancers religion, or if she or he celebrate Christmas at all, is completely irrelevant. Patients who has suffered from this disease are more subject to relapses around the holiday season.


Degas knew his ballerina’s, and were probably familiar with their suffrings. This young lady probably suffered from the Cracked Nut disease, maybe combined with other dance-related diseases. Judge for yourself, soon, on tights and tiaras.

To understand why dancers act the way they do, you need to understand the things they have to go through every day. Read up on dancer-diseases now, help a dancer today. More from So you think you can downs coming soon, on Tights and Tiaras. Ta-ta