Hey guys! I’m going to try something new today. I’m going to do one of the classic “this is how my day was” post today. This is a blog, after all, and my day today was suitable, I think. Welcome to my life.


Roberto Bolle as Solor

So: Today, I got up early, and went to the theatre to perform “La Bayadére“. I hate matinée-performances (that is, a performance that starts early in the day, like ours today, it started at 11). I don’t know why, but I always find them way harder than the ordinary performances, even though logically, it should be the other way around, right?

Anyway, I got to class (we always do class. Routines, remember?) a bit later than usual, and had to warm up in a rush. Hate that too! As you might remember, I’m no big fan of warming up. But I am a fan of being warm, and definitely don’t like rushing.

The performance went well. I perform in the first and second act as one of the friends of Solor, the main role. I’m not going to tell you the story of La Bayadére here, cause you can read it in the bedtime story-section. During the third act, I sat in my costume and edited Tights and Tiaras-posts. You see, I have to stick around for the bows at the end of the performance. Without dancing in the third act, that can be boring. But not for a blogger…

After the show, I had lunch, and went for a long-awaited meeting with my boss, Edward Clug. Thing is, currently, I’m performing in 4 productions for the Maribor Ballet, but I’m not fully employed for the theatre. The reason for this is mainly economical – it is cheaper for the theatre to hire people for the productions they need them in, and costs more to actually hire a dancer full-time. But for the dancer (in this case, me) it sucks, since you have no regular job to rely on, and a short-term contract. It pays well, but is 0 in predictability.

To make a long story short, Edward (or Eddie) had bad news. He won’t be able to hire me and my girlfriend when we finish the last production (Giselle) in the end of February. We were kind of hoping to get a full-time contract, but the money just don’t allow it.. He was perfectly nice about it, though, and I don’t blame him – times are hard, and he just does what he has to. Still, Bummer…

I want one of these!

Got home, had a rest, and watched my favorite tv-show: Dogs 101 on Animal Planet (fun trivia: I’m a sucker for animals, and dogs in particular. At the moment I get a secure job with some reasonable options for the future, I’m getting a dog, preferably, a great dane). Then I went on to do my friday workout routine, consisting of upper body and quad strengthening. I know what you’re thinking! “But, Henrik, today is thursday!!!” I know. Totally messed up, didn’t I?

So, that was my day, a typical one, I’d say, except maybe for the bad news. Or, actually, a typical one. It’s hard to be a dancer during a recession, specially if you’re unemployed. I wrote something on that in my post “What the recession means to dance professionals“. Check it out.

If you happen to be a director of a ballet company reading this, do throw me a line of how to get in touch with you icon_smile-7076661

How was your day?

have a good night everyone, and I continue to thank you for your support! Ta-ta