Recently there has been lots of lists flying around the net with ’10 reasons to date a dancer’ and the like. But I didn’t like them. They are all about ‘dancers are really flexible’ and ‘dancers are used to wearing minimal clothing’. While that may be so, I don’t approve of the approach towards dancers, and decided to write my own list. So I’ll give you five real, legitimate reasons to date a dancer. Also, for the interested, read my How-to-date-a-dancer-post

Five real reasons to why dating a dancer is a good thing

  • Become ambitious and hard-working. To become a dancer, you need to work a lot, and sacrifice a lot, too. Dancers can be really inspiring and help you focus on your goals, and do whatever it takes to reach them. But be warned: Most dancers are prepared to sacrifice most anything that keeps them from dancing, so don’t become that obstacle.
  • Discover the arts. If your spouse is performing, the chance of you actually attending the event is a bit higher, right?! This has side-effects. Soon, you’ll find yourself watching all kind of performances, even when your partner isn’t actually performing. Most dancers enjoy all kind of art, so if you like museums, concerts, theatre or, well, dance, it should be a perfect fit.


…and yes, dancers DO have great physique icon_smile-2630116

  • Discover dance. That’s right! Go dance! It will be the best thing you do to yourself. If it is ballet, salsa or hip-hop, dance is a great way to move, keep in shape and have a good time while you are doing it. If you are dating a dancer, you don’t even have an excuse – your partner will teach you! Go dance!
  • Become more active. Dancers are athletes. Apart from actual dancing, most dancers enjoy activities that involves movement. Dating a dancer should get you up from the couch.
  • Make fun friends. Like you might have read in my “how to date a dancer-post?!“, dancers tend to stick with their own kind. But once you are dating a dancer, that is not all bad. After all, their own kind is an attractive, active and quite frankly, funny group of people. Dancers are artists after all.

Obviously, there are several reasons to date a dancer, and many not to, too. I’ll might to a post on that too, actually, just felt these silly lists running around needed an antagonist.

until next time, ta-ta