Alright, welcome to my new blog, TIGHTS AND TIARAS!

First of all (as you may have noticed), even though I’m Norwegian, the blog will be in english. The reason for this fact is, of course you might say, completely selfish. First off all, I need the exercise.

Once upon a time, or at least a hell-of-a-long time ago, I used to go to school. I used to be top of my class, and english was one of my strong subjects (much thanks to a walking wikipedia, though slightly harsh canadian woman, but I won’t talk about her now). Well, let’s just say I’m not there anymore. The other day, the words “You go food?” (as in a question) came out of my mouth, and it made me realize something must be done.

Secondarily, it allows my blog to be read by the hordes of my international friends and followers, which again (hopefully) leads to the fact that someone will actually read what I’m writing. Apart from my mother and some very close friends, I am under the impression that my blog as it existed earlier just simply was junk on a google server somewhere. This I am hoping to change (word of the year, 2009 by the way). And, if you’re reading this, I guess it means I’m getting there icon_wink-1594456

So I ask myself: Why would people read my blog? Or rather: why would someone read a blog at all? If you know a decent answer, please let me know! I promise you, I will use it completely for my own winning, and by doing so, also for yours.

For now, I’m thinking about sharing whatever I can know, that you guys don’t. Apart from tales and stories from a professional dancers life (it’s really not as glamorous as it sounds..), I have a bunch of columns running continuously; check it out in the columns section in the navigation-bar on the top of the page.

And to my readers that follows me through language change and all (Mom, Siggi): I promise, not a word on paradise hotel!

See you soon!



(anyone get it?)